Call for Papers

ICNSER2020 welcomes author submission of papers concerning any branch of the control engineering, telecommunication, IoT, Cybersecurity and other advance applications. And the technologies used in the research such as cloud computing, big data, image processing, NLP, artificial intelligence, etc. The conference publishes the highest quality, original papers that contribute to the basic science of processing, analysing and utilizing methods for these purposes.
Submission will be rigorously reviewed, and should clearly make the case for a documented improvement over the existing state-of-the-arts. It is planned to publish the conference proceedings, and submitted to major database for indexing.

Topics Areas

      Industrial Control Network and System

      Industrial Ethernet
      Wireless industry Ethernet
      Data communication
      Programmable Logic Controllers
      Data Redundancy and Encoding Technology
      Integration of Process Operations and Design/Synthesis
      Remote Terminal Unit (RTU);
      Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
      Industrial network design
      NANO, MEMS and Mechatronics Systems

      Telecommunications & IoT

      Communication and networking technology for IoT
      IoT system and network architecture
      D2D/M2M communications for supporting IoT
      All aspects for 5G networks
      Wireless multimedia networks
      Software Defined Networks
      Wireless Body Area Network and Wireless Healthcare

      Control Theory and Engineering

      Control Theory
      Control System Cybersecurity
      Control Systems Security Assessments and Audits
      Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
      Computational Intelligence and Applications
      Communications and Network Protocol Security in Control Systems
      Robust Adaptive Control and SCADA
      industrial process control
      Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
      distributed control systems 
      Nonlinear Systems and Control

      Advanced Applications

      Image processing, Pattern recognition
      Advanced Control Algorithms and Applications
      Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
      Advanced Robotic Systems
      Application of Security Content Application Protocol (SCAP) in Industrial Environments
      Hardware and software design
      Health monitoring – wearable devices


    Intelligent Control Theory and Applications

    ICS, PLC, and SCADA Exploit Analysis
    ICS Security Standardization and Best Practices
    ICS Software Security Assurance
    Risk Management in Industrial Environments
    Intelligent Automation Systems for Manufacturing
    Integrated Automation Systems
    Intelligent Transportation Systems
    Intelligent Optimization and Applications
    Machine Learning
    Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    Robotics and Biomimetics
    Pattern Recognition

    Industrial Cybersecurity
    Cyber Security Defense Techniques
    Cyber Security Risks to SCADA and ICS Systems
    Cyber Attacks on Industrial Controls Systems
    Cyber Physical Systems and Sensor Network
    Secure Communication Protocols
    Language-based Security
    Security for hardware/firmware used in industrial control systems
    Industrial Network Security
    Systems and Server Security
    Malware Protection
    Authentication and Access Control
    Data and Communications Security
    Vulnerability Assessment

    Data Automation

    Big Data Analysis and Visualization
    Data-Driven Control
    Data-Driven Diagnosis
    Data-Driven Optimization, Scheduling, and Decision Making
    Data-Driven Operations and Quality Control